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Name: Eric
Height: 6’3”
Weight: 215lbs
Marital Status: Widow
Alias: The Huntsman
Skills: Axe Warrior
Fandom: Snow White and The Huntsman

Once married to a young woman named Sara, his life fell apart after her untimely death-- a result of the darkness that plagued Tabor from Ravenna’s rule. Eric, who had been a soldier in the king’s army, became a Huntsman. He was known as the only soul brave enough to venture into the Dark Forest. The Huntsman was brought to the Evil Queen for that very skill.

He was ordered to retrieve a woman who escaped Ravenna into the Dark Forest. For the deed, The Huntsman was promised to have Sara returned to the living. He agreed and was accompanied by the Queen’s brother (Finn), along with men he selected, into the forest.

In no time, Eric finds the wanted woman but stops to confirm that the Queen can truly fulfill her promise before handing her over. Finn laughs and answers that it is one power his sister does not possess. That moment is when The Huntsman changes from hunter to a protector.

Initially, his only motivation was to deny the Queen for her false promise. Eric soon finds greater reasons for protecting the woman. He learns of her true identity as the princess, Snow White. The Huntsman also learns that she can end the darkness. Unknowingly, his grief stops in her company and he becomes her ally to rid Tabor of Ravenna.

During the trek to a town, filled with those who have escaped Tabor and/or are seeking refuge from the evil queen, Snow White falls prey to a trick at the hand of Ravenna’s sorcery. The princess is thought dead and is carried into the town to be laid to rest.

The Huntsman bids her a painful farewell with a kiss that wakes her from death moments after he leaves. Snow White rises and inspires the people to join her fight. Eric is at her side as she leads an army to take back their lands.

"Now when the hour is darkest, I will fight, with the bravest, the fairest, of them all."—The Huntsman

They succeed and restore Tabor to its former glory. By Snow White’s hand, Ravenna finally falls. The princess becomes the queen and brings an end to the darkness as foretold.

Eric watches on, knowing his heart belongs to another once more.
- Graphics courtesy of various artists on Tumblr
Note: This is a role-playing journal. Mun and muse well over 18.
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